“It is immensely satisfying to teachers to experience the accomplishments of colleagues that advance ideas. David Harper in BioDiet does that. This book can reduce the individual and population adverse effects of 35 years of misinformation on diets by public health policies. More to point the book gives any person who wants to be healthier, the tools needed to implement the knowledge for their personal benefit. Reading and following the ideas in this book can literally change your life for the better.”

Richard Mathias MD FRCPC
Emeritus Professor School of Population and Public Health UBC

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Eric Boycott
BioDiet Changed My Life!
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I was fortunate to try the BioDiet protocol with the author, Dr. David Harper 6 years ago while he was putting together the book. I had a typical middle-aged belly and I was losing my neck. My weight was 183lbs, my body fat was at 26% and my blood tests showed high cholesterol and triglycerides. My BP was over 163/93! So, my doctor told me to exercise more and reduce my calories. The result of exercising more and reducing my calories just made my muscles bigger, but I couldn't change my weight or waist size. I was still fat! After doing the ketogenic diet with David, I lost 40 lbs, my waist went from a size 34 to 31, my body fat went down to 13% and my BP is a perfect 120/80 with low triglycerides and cholesterol counts. I became younger, faster and my brain woke up! I've maintained this for almost 6 years now. Look at my before and after pictures. This changed my life and I've even gone further into the "Biohacking" world to make further improvements on my health and lifestyle. David's writing style makes this easy to understand for both laypeople and professionals alike. I would highly recommend that you read BioDiet and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Amanda Beals
For Anyone Who Wants To Change Their Life
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I met David Harper at an event in Vancouver about a week after I started the keto diet, just over 5 months ago. He quickly convinced me that this is not a short term solution for weight loss, but a life long health pursuit. When I saw his book on Amazon, I didn't think twice about buying it. The first part of the book goes through the history of how carbs became such a huge part of today's standard diet. It also touches on diseases that are more likely caused by carbs. There are some science-heavy sections, and while I am not a scientist, I was able to understand it. That section is incredibly important because the more you know about how your body works, the more you'll be able "hack" your diet to reach your goals. The second part of the book is a how-to guide on getting started with keto. There are 5 steps that he goes through in great detail. He also includes a grocery list and nutritional information for common foods. I had already been on this diet for about 4 months before I read his book. I had started by piecing together information from many different places. This book has basically everything I could have used when I first started! For anyone who wants to change their life, I'd highly recommend this book!
Ava Schriver Dunn
Written in a very easy to understand framework to follow for truly achieving optimal health.
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I read your book, Dave. It's a great beginning place for people who want to finally learn the what, why and how of tackling this issue from a physiological perspective, instead of an ideological one, which many people grab ahold of without knowing all the facts (ie. veganism - I was one 😉 ) and finally breaking the cycle of obesity, once and for all.

The ketogenic diet has totally transformed my health over the past 10 months and is making a difference on so manly levels, including being down over 100 lbs and helping me heal/treat/manage Epilepsy and Autoimmunity naturally - no drug interventions whatsoever!

highly recommend it especially for those who really need a framework to follow while they integrate this new healthier, high fat diet into their lifestyle. You've done a great job of breaking down the biology, anatomy and physiology of how this diet works in the body to solve obesity, and other chronic illnesses, into easy to understand concepts for the unscientific mind as well as the science based professional. Well done!

Very informative & Easily Understood
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While I feel like I already knew and understood the basics of a keto diet, this certainly explained in much greater detail the happenings at a cellular level. Easy to understand and I like that he lives the lifestyle, I feel his passion and knowledge shined writing such an informative book about this. Would definitely recommend to someone starting keto.
M. Kelley
Great read for anyone interested in the ketogenic diet.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author dives into the science behind the keto diet but in a simple way that is easy to understand. Also, the 5 steps to adopting the Biodiet make it an easier transition than just trying to eliminate carbs cold-turkey. The appendices were also very helpful, specifically the Biodiet Grocery List.
All the facts without the fluff!
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Great little book, packed with information, but clear and concise. Spares you the endless testimonials. Broad review of the science, with helpful references, suggestions and motivations to take the plunge. An interesting and entertaining read.
Amazon Customer
Biodiet-Not Just a Get-Thin Quick Scheme
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Biodiet is a great read that provides an easilly understandabe review and analysis of the science supporting the adoption of a lower carbohydrate (sugar) diet. In the world of diet and nutrition everyone seems to have an opinion or three, so it is important to be look to science to separate fact from fiction-information from propaganda. This book does just that, providing enough scienific information to support its conclusions without overwhelming people like me that have limited background in nutrition and human physiology. For those more scientifically inclined there are references to source materials that can be found online to flesh out the information in the book. All in all, Biodiet is an informative and important tool for people interested in their personal health and what (and why) to do about it.
Great myth buster
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Finally, a scientific and fact based explanation of the ketogenic diet. Harper explains in straightforward terms the how and why of the ketogenic diet. He explains how it is increasingly supported by evidence, exposes many diet and nutrition myths floating around, and explains how many previous studies were flawed. Not a recipe book, there are plenty of those out there. This is the book to buy if you are on a ketogenic diet and need some ammunition in discussions with family, friends and self-professed experts who quote their own favorite diet 'facts'.
Darlene Henry
What's not to like about Biodiet
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Biodiet, by Dr. Dave Harper, is an excellent book for those of you who don't know why your family, friends, and neighbors have embraced a ketogenic lifestyle. For those of you who are considering changing your lifestyle, Biodiet provides you with a gradual introduction to the ketogenic way of eating. And finally, for those of you who need a refresher course, this book reminds you of why you began this journey in the first place. Dr. Harper's writing style allows even those of us with limited science background to fully understand the health benefits that the biodiet will provide its followers.
Tanya Skeates
This book totally makes sense!
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This is a great book. Easy to read and understand. It’s not like other keto books out there where keto is made to seem like a fad diet. Dave has a way with words that really makes the science of eating low carb sink in. After you read this book you’ll wonder why not eating low carb isn’t more mainstream...hopefully this book will change that for others too!
Fantastic Book
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Accessible and engaging book! It was funny while, at the same time, being very informative. I loved the fact that it told a story of mankind's diet over the past centuries, and how today's poor nutrition has led to our downfall. This is a must read for anyone interested in the science of ketogenic nutrition and their own health.
Mark S Betteridge
A thinking person's road map to weight loss and a happier life
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I have read the book twice now and have reinstated the Biodiet in my life. I am starting to feel the positive effects physically and mentally, as Dr. Harper promises. He speaks from his heart and his well educated brain to let you, the reader, feel his passion and reasoning for the Biodiet. Good things in come to those who focus, work hard and play for the long term. This is the Biodiet.
Joy Kiddie
Brilliantly written
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Great book, great lifestyle , my wife and I saw David on CTV and bought the book immediately. There’s lots of good info and resources to get started with Keto. We’re halfway to our goals already and feel great!
Low Carbs
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A well written book. The author makes a compelling argument for a radical dietary change. Probably, one we should all make. Very thought provoking. Just Harper’s suggestion that we rethink the role of carbohydrates in our world and adjust accordingly is worth the read.
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The passion for the Keto lifestyle is evident. Very well explained with step by step suggestions for the new Keto person. The authors write in a clear and approachable fashion. A must read book for the inquisitive and definitely one for the library of long term adepts to the Keto lifestyle.
James Maynard
Good Research and Information. Practical Balanced advice
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A pragmatic platform for long term lifestyle changes. It works.
Nicole Carnovale
Good for beginner Keto dieters
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Good explanation on the science behind the diet and how the body uses food. Good read.

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