June 14, 2019

CTV’s Calgary Noon

David and Dale speak with CTV Calgary Noon show host, Jocelyn Laidlaw, about the misconceptions around ketogenic diets, including their impact on heart health.

David and Dale talk go coast-to-coast from Global Toronto’s The Morning Show with hosts Carolyn MacKenzie and Noah Cappe.

David and Dale speak to Hamilton, Ontario’s Morning Live host, Bob Cowan, about the couple’s new book and the health benefits of a ketogenic diet.

David speaks with Montreal CTV News at 5 host, Paul Karwatsky, about the new book BioDiet.


David talks to Preferred Company host, Fran Holinda, about how the BioDiet differs from the Atkins Diet and why the 12-week BioDiet program will not only help you lose weight, but also optimize your health.

April 29, 2019

Minnesota’s WJON, It Matters with Kelly Cordes

David speaks to the morning show host about the benefits of ketogenic diets in the fight against obesity and other chronic diseases.

David talks to host, Larry Whitler, and producer, Robin MacBlane, of Ocala Live’s The Source on WOCA about the benefits of a ketogenic diet in the treatment of chronic disease.